Neer dosa

Neer dosa belongs to authentic Karnataka cuisine. To be more precise, Udupi-Mangalorean cuisines. “Neeru” means “water” in Kannada language. So you know the batter has to have the consistency of water to get thin dosas. In a konkani household its called as panpolo. Neer dosa is well known for its simple preparation and no fermentation. Unlike other dosa batters Neer dosa doesn’t require a fermentation and can be made easily.

Neer dosas are widely found in coastal restaurants and Udupi Mangalore hotels  and usually served with spicy side dishes or just with spicy chutney. Neer dosa as a breakfast goes well with red chutney, tamarind chutney and many such spicy sides. Reason being, Neer dosas are made with just rice and so are little bland and thin compared to other type of dosas.

I remember, when I made this with chicken ghee roast the other day when I had guests, and the person had nearly 10 dosas and was still wanting more. He said Neer dosas are so tempting and easily go in that you don’t even realise how much you ate. How much ever you serve it gets over in no time 🙂 

I add a little grated coconut to this because it gives a nice soft texture. You can skip adding this.

Measurements used: 1cup -250gms

Dosa rice/ sona masuri – 1cup

Grated coconut – 1/8 cup

Salt to taste

Oil for making dosas


  • Soak rice for 5-6 hours or you can soak it overnight as well.
  • Next morning grind this and gratef coconut together to a fine paste
  • Transfer it in a wide bowl and add water till you have a thin consistency batter. The batter should be liquidy  to achieve a thin dosa.
  • Add salt and mix well
  • Set aside for ten mins and  spread dosas on a hot tawa.
  • Serve it with any desired chutney


  • This is not the restaurant style. I’d rather put it across as the konkani household recipe. As we add coconut to this the dosas are softer. You can blindly skip adding coconut to this. 
  • Spreading the dosa is a little tricky as the batter is liquidy. For beginners till you get a hang on spreading it thin what you can do is, use a non Stick pan. Once it’s hot add a little oil to it. Spread batter at one side of the tawa and with the other hand rotate the tawa using its handle. Till it covers the dosa pan fully

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