Hello all,

“Eating is necessary but cooking is an art” my parents being my first inspiration told me this. For me, cooking is an expression of the land where you are from and the culture there. Cooking gives me pleasure, specially when I cook for my loved ones. The smile on their face gives me immense happiness which cannot be described in words. We bond well with family over food.Cooking is an art and learning many different cuisines keeps you busy and occupied giving you a very small space for boredom. A recipe has no soul, YOU as the cook should bring soul in the recipe. After I stepped into the blogging world, I have come across several useful information. New ingredients that I hadn’t heard of, dishes whose names were a real mouthful and  techniques that I am still digesting. I’m slowly trying to ingest all these new ideas into my cooking.  I find myself in a whole new world of cooking. Especially when it comes to international cuisines. Remember what we were taught in school? knowledge increases when shared. So share the knowledge of cooking and make use of whatever recipes I have penned down and share them with your family and friends 🙂 All your comments and suggestions are welcome. These cheer me up to write more and help you more with many many recipes 🙂 Stay happy and blessed 🙂


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