Mango Shrikhand recipe/ How to make Aamrakhand


Aamrakhand or Mango Shrikhand is an extended version of Shrikhand. Shrikhand being an Indian dessert is made using hung curd, sugar, saffron, cardamom and nuts. This smooth and airy yogurt mousse is a delight by itself.

The recipe is too simple that even you kids can try this. You just have to whip hung curd, mango puree, sugar, saffron and cardamom until smooth and refrigerate it for few hours before use. Trust me ! They taste yum and is best as a summer dessert.

With a little precaution and care, you can achieve the  fluffy yogurt dessert. Make sure you make hung curd by taking required amount of yogurt in a muslin cloth and leave it overnight so that all the water content drains off. Best is to keep it in the refrigerator as it takes nearly 8-10 hours for the complete process and its definitely not a good idea to keep yogurt outside at room temperature for a long duration. You might end up having a sour hung curd. And another important precaution is to check for sweetness of Mango you are using before you add sugar as it makes a lot of difference in taste. Adjust according to you taste buds.


Hung curd/yogurt – 2 cups

Mango pulp – 3/4 cup

Sugar – 1/4 cup

Saffron strands – a few (soaked in warm milk approx 2 tbsp)

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Chopped almonds and pistachios – few for garnish


  1. In a blender, blend mango pulp and sugar till smooth and set aside
  2. In a mixing bowl, add hung curd. Blend till smooth with the help of a hand blender
  3. Now add mango puree, cardamom powder and saffron milk and continue whisking further till fluffy
  4. Transfer it into serve-wares and set in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.
  5. Just before serving, top it with chopped almonds and pistachios and serve it chilled.


  • As mentioned in the prologue, take care when you make hung curd. I recommend you to use home-made thick yogurt which yields yummilicious shrikhand
  • Discard the saffron strands and do not add strands into the shrikhand. Add only the milk but squeeze out all the juice from the strands before discarding 🙂
  • You can also add few chopped mangoes for garnish
  • Use sugar accordingly. Check the sweetness of mango first before you decide on the quantity of sugar 🙂
  • You can opt to add chopped nuts in the shrikhand. In that case do fold in chopped nuts into the well whisked and fluffy mixture carefully soon after step 3.




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  1. Never heard about it and sounds super delicious 😋


  2. Sumith says:

    Beautiful share. Drooling on this. Going to buy some mangoes😍


  3. It is looking super delicious !!


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