Tomato Rice Bath Recipe / One pot meal – Tangy tomato rice recipe


Popularly known as Tomato rice bath  in Southern part of India, this dish is a one pot meal and is very very easy to cook on a busy day. A perfect lunch box meal for kids and adults. The preparation is as simple as the dish looks in the picture. The main ingredient being tomatoes with onions and additions of Indian spices gives the dish a complete enriching taste to devour.

You can also make it more nutritious by adding beetroots or potatoes. Like other Karnataka recipes such as vangi bath and bisi bele bath, tomato bath is also very similar to it. You can term it to be a cousin of vangi bath 🙂 I have used homemade sambar powder, you can use any of your choice.

Tomato is a fruit which is also termed as a vegetable and is used in numerous ways in food. Tomatoes also have a lot of medicinal advantages. I dont remember what the name of enzyme is, but tomatoes have a particular enzyme which prevents cancer. It has less fat content and cholesterol.  It also helps in cell repair and muscle building and the list is never ending 🙂

Coming to the recipe now, This one pot dish is worth a try and is apt on your busy days pre/post work.


Measurements used – 1 cup = 250ml

Rice (uncooked) – 1 cup

Tomatoes – 3 medium ( finely chopped)

Onions – 1 medium (finely chopped)

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

Bay leaf – 1

Cinnamon – 1″ stick

Cloves – 4

Cardamom – 3

Star anise – 2 petals

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Jeera/Cumin powder – 1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Sambar powder – 2 tbsp

Oil – 3 tbsp

Coriander leaves – 3 tbsp (finely chopped)

Salt to taste


  1. Wash the rice thoroughly with water and soak it till we need it next.
  2. In a pressure cooker, add oil and allow it to heat
  3. Add bay leaf, star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.
  4. Add chopped onions and saute till they turn translucent
  5. Add ginger garlic paste and turmeric powder
  6. Fry till the raw smell separates
  7. Add tomatoes and a pinch of  salt and cook till the oil separates
  8. Add red chilli powder, jeera powder and sambar powder to this and mix well
  9. Add very little water if required
  10. Add the soaked rice to this discarding the water
  11. Add 2 cups water to this and salt to taste
  12. Add chopped coriander leaves and mix well
  13. Close the pressure cooker with the lid and pressure cook it up to 2 whistles on medium flame
  14. Turn off the burner and wait till the pressure completely cools down
  15. Open the lid approximately after 20-25 minutes and your tomato bath is ready 🙂


  • You can use whole jeera seeds and skip jeera powder. In that case you will have to add jeera as soon as you add bay leaf in step 1
  • I have used regular rice. You can use any long grain rice
  • The ratio of rice and water I have used here is 1:2 Please check the quality of rice because each rice cooking ratio will be different.
  • You can also add chopped beetroots and potatoes in step 8
  • You can also add some peppercorns and slit green chillies to increase the spice level
  • You can also make this with the leftover rice. In that case follow the steps till step 9 and add cooked rice to the tomato masala and mix till everything is incorporated well. Adjust salt and add coriander leaves 🙂


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  1. tempered rice is my favorite breakfast/snack of all times! love the post!

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    1. Thank you dear 😉

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  2. Sumith says:

    Beautiful one pot recipe!

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    1. Thank you Sumith 🙂

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  3. Megala says:

    Great blend of spices, wonderful recipe!

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    1. Thank you Megala 🙂

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  4. InspiresN says:

    great recipe, interesting tips adding beetroot & potatoes !

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    1. Thank You so much 🙂

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  5. mistimaan says:

    Loved your recipe


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