AAmras Recipe / How to make Aamras / Flavoured mango pulp


Poori and Aamras are one of the choicest combination. Aamras is nothing but pureed mangoes with addition of few more flavouring agents like cardamom powder and nuts.  This is one of the most popular sweet from Maharashtra and Gujarat.

I am a huge Mango lover. Every year I keep waiting for this season and I miss no chance to eat them regularly. I also make many mango based recipes and I totally enjoy them 🙂 My husband is not a Mango lover so, I dont need to share .. muahaah 🙂

Coming to the recipe now, Aamras can be made in less than 10 minutes and is a very quick recipe for working women and bachelors. All you have to do is, Chop few mangoes and add cardamom powder, sugar, almonds and saffron. Blend them into a paste. See, your done 🙂

Adjust sugar accordingly. As few mangoes are way too sweet and some are sour. Taste the mango before you decide on the quantity of sugar. Alphonso mangoes do not need much sugar. The variety I used in this recipe was a little sour so I have used little more sugar.

Not just with poori, Aamras goes well even as a bread spread and as a dip with the plain crackers.


Ripe Mangoes – 2 large ( washed, peeled and chopped into pieces)

Cardamom powder – 1/8 tsp

Blanched almonds – 6

Saffron strands – 5

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Ice cubes -2/3


  1. In a mixer grinder, add chopped mangoes, Cardamom powder, saffron strands, Blanched almonds and sugar
  2. Grind to a paste
  3. Add ice cubes and again pulse for few seconds.
  4. Transfer into a bowl and chill till you serve


  • You can use any type of mangoes to make aamras. Choose a ripe one only.
  • Adding blanched almonds is optional. You can also replace it with cashews
  • Instead of sugar you can use honey and make it more healthier
  • Adding saffron is also optional
  • If mangoes are too sweet, then add no sugar



2 Comments Add yours

  1. annika says:

    Oh yum! My parents never added nuts or cardamom… I will have to try your recipe!


    1. Cashews or almonds give them a different taste … try n let me know 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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