Strawberry Lassi / Strawberry-yogurt lassi


“LASSI” is a traditional and popular yogurt-based drink from the Indian subcontinent. Originating from Punjab, this popular, creamy lassi is an outstanding recipe to quench your summer thirst. BTW its a very common sight in North India especially in Punjab, U.P., Rajasthan and Delhi to see street vendors selling lassi in biiig matkas (earthen pots)

Lassi is traditionally a savoury drink which blends yogurt, spices and water. We make sweet lassi blending yogurt, water, sugar and cardamom powder. The above recipe is a slightest modification by adding strawberries. After eating enough of them as a fruit, I thought of using them in some recipes and present it to you. You can pretty make sure with any fruit of your choice. I chose Strawberry 🙂 You also can try banana lassi. That tastes great too.For the same recipe you can add 2 tbsp fresh cream to make it more thicker and creamier. You get a nice froth on top of lassi if you add fresh cream when your blending the lassi.


Strawberry – 10 medium pieces

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Cardamom powder – a pinch

Yogurt/Curd – 1 cup

Water – 1/4 cup

Ice cubes – 5


  • In a blender, Chop strawberries roughly and add them in the blender jar.
  • Add 2 tbsp sugar
  • Add cardamom powder
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Blend till everything combines well
  • Add ice cubes and pulse it for 4 to 5 seconds
  • Relish it chilled 🙂


  • You can replace sugar with honey.
  • You also can make the lassi more creamier by adding 2 tbsp fresh cream
  • You can add finely chopped strawberries when serving the drink. You get strawberry chunks when you drink the lassi 🙂



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