Pani-puri/ Golgappa/ Phuchhka



Pani puri is one of the famous street foods in India. There are several names to this. In South India we call it Panipuri, in North India its called Golgappa and Eastern part of India names it as Phuchhka. The stuffings for pani puri is based on your choice. You can eat them with boiled potato stuffing or with a Ragda(white peas curry) stuffing. Theeka pani (Spicy water) and Meetha Pani(sweet water) are mandatory and without them the dish isn’t complete.

I am an immense lover of Indian Chaat and alas! luck had to take me away from it when i got married and relocated abroad. I just couldn’t find a “perfect” chaat corner to suffice my Chaat need. So, I did a lot of research and lots of trials to get them perfect and finally zeroed down on this recipe which is always a super hit 🙂

“Pani” in hindi is water(here it is spiced water) “puri” is the tiny deep fried semolina flatbreads 🙂 Puri can be home made or brought from outside. The “pani” here is the spicy and tangy water with mint taste which is very refreshing. You can also balance them with “Meetha” i.e., the date tamarind chutney.

As i said, the stuffing can be anything you like. You can stuff them with boiled potatoes and boiled black channa or Ragda (dry peas gravy) Both taste marvellous when they are dipped in the theeka pani and had. If you want the sweet taste with it, add some meetha and then dip the puris in the theeka pani and immediately put it in your mouth to relish them “on whole” 🙂 Do not feel shy and break the puris half when you eat. Then, you will not enjoy eating a chaat 🙂 You have to put the whole tiny puri in your mouth and break it in your mouth to get all the juices and flavours at ones 🙂


Measurements used – 1 cup : 250ml

For stuffing : 

Potatoes – 2 medium (boiled and mashed)

Black channa – 1/4cup (soaked for 8 hours and boiled with little salt)

Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

White pepper powder – 1/2tsp

Roasted cumin powder – 1 tsp

Chaat masala – 1tsp

Salt as required

For Theeka pani :

Pudina leaves/Mint leaves – 1/2 cup (washed and cleaned)

Coriander leaves – 3/4 cup

Green chilli – 3

Ginger – 1″

Tamarind paste – 1tsp

Grated jaggery – 1tbsp

Roasted cumin powder – 1tsp

Ginger powder – 1/4 tsp (optional)

Everest pani puri masala – 1tsp (optional)

Chaat masala – 1tsp

Black Salt as required

Water – 2cups (adjust accordingly)

Other ingredients:

Golgappas/pani puri puris – 20-25pieces

Onion – 1 medium (finely chopped)

Coriander leaves – ( finely chopped)

Date & Tamarind chutney – as required

Boondi – A fistful


Step 1: Make theeka pani

  1. In a mixer, add all the ingredients written under the “For theeka pani” ingredients  except water and black salt and grind to a smooth paste.
  2. Transfer it in a large mixing bowl and add 2 to3 cups of water and black salt accordingly.
  3. Check for the taste and adjust water accordingly.
  4. Add boondi and some finely chopped coriander leaves.
  5. You can serve it chilled by refrigerating this before you serve or make this in an earthern pot.

Step 2 : Make stuffing

  1. Take the boiled and lightly mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl and add chilli powder,White pepper powder, Chaat masala and roasted jeera powder and black salt. Mix well.
  2. Add chopped coriander leaves to it.
  3. In another smallbowl, chop the onions finely and set aside. You can also keep a small piece of lime of you want to.
  4. In a small bowl keep the boiled black channa ready
  5. Also keep the date tamarind chutney ready in a small bowl.


Step 3: Make Pani-puri 🙂

  1. With the help of a spoon or your finger carefully break the top part of the puri and make a hole.
  2. First add boiled potato stuffing, black channa, onions and a dash of lime.
  3. Pour the pani in it and eat immediately
  4. You can also add meetha in the step 2 and then add pani. This gives you a nice sweet and spicy -taste.


  • As i said stuffing can be anything. You can also add sprouts in it to enjoy a healthier version of pani-puri or add Ragda (which is my personal favourite) and enjoy.

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