Bread Pockets in Rasmalai milk/ Bread pockets in flavoured milk

Few days back I made Rasmalai. I goofed up with the “Ras” part and made it in excess. So, all the “malai” got over and I was remaining with the flavoured milk. Came up with this recipe which was a hit. All you need to make is bread-pockets with a khoya mixture stuffed in it and shallow fry. When you serve top this bread pocket with the flavoured milk and serve 🙂


Rasmalai Milk/Flavoured milk – 1cup

Sweet Bread – 4 Slices

Khoya/ evaporated milk – 100gms

Powdered sugar – 2tbsp

Assorted dry fruits – 1/4 cup finely chopped

Ghee/Clarified butter – 2tbsp(for shallow frying)


  1. In a pan, saute khoya for few minutes till it slightly melts
  2. Set aside to cool
  3. Add powdered sugar and chopped dry fruits and mix well.
  4. Now the stuffing is ready
  5. Trim the edges of all the bread slices
  6. Dab it with water both sides and flatten it with the help of a roller.
  7. Apply water to your palms and take a bread slice. Now place a small ball of the stuffing in the centre and shape the bread like a modak or any desired shape.
  8. Refrigerate it for 10 minutes
  9. In a non stick pan add ghee/clarified butter and allow it to heat
  10. Place these bread pockets and shallow fry it till they turn brown.
  11. Transfer it onto a tissue paper
  12. When you are ready to serve the dessert, place one bread pocket in a serving bowl and top it with the rasmalai leftover milk.
  13. Garnish it with kesar strands and serve.


  • You can also deep fry the bread pockets if you wish to.
  • Do not soak the bread pockets for long in the flavoured milk.It turns soggy.
  • You can also serve the bread pockets with rabdi. This tastes good too.
  • You can replace ghee with butter when you shallow fry 🙂



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