Rabdi/Rabri is a very popular sweet dish from Northern India which is mainly based on milk. The process involves slow cooking of milk till it is reduced and  till the colour changes to pinkish. Later we add sugar and nuts to this. This sweet is very creamy in texture with malai(milk cream) chunks present in them. These are formed when we boil the milk at a very low flame for a good 45 mins by scrapping the edges of the vessel in a regular interval.

Rabri in Calcutta is made in a different version. Though the process of boiling remains the same, the layer of cream is taken out from the boiling pot and kept aside in another container. This process continues till the milk is exhausted. So, these are extremely creamy and heavy on stomach.

In this recipe i have done the primitive method of boiling and finishing the dish in the same pot. That’s the typical north Indian style.

It took 45 mins to 1 hour for me to complete this dessert. You actually dont need to stand in front of it the whole time. Keep a watch on it after every 4-5 mins and scrap out the cream which is formed and push it to the centre.

Serve Rabdi chilled 🙂


Whole Milk – 1 Litre

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Chopped Nuts – As Required.

Badam milk Powder – 1tbsp (opptional)

Kesar strands – for garnish


  1. In a non-stick thick bottomed container add a litre milk and let it boil
  2. When it starts boiling, turn the heat to low and cook it on low flame till its 1/3 reduced.
  3. Keep scraping the milk cream which keeps forming by occasionally stirring and pushing the cream to the centre.
  4. This might take up to 45 mins
  5. Add Sugar and badam milk powder.Stir well
  6. Add chopped nuts and mix well.
  7. Turn off the gas and transfer it into serving bowls and once they are at room temperature place them in the refrigerator
  8. Garnish them with kesar strands and serve chilled


  • Do not take a thin bottomed vessel when you heat the milk. Chances of burning the milk will be more.
  • Do not stir it vigorously or continuously because stirring vigorously breaks the cream which is formed and we dont get the desired taste. The authentic rabdi demands this creamy chunks in them 🙂 and stirring continuously doesn’t form a cream layer at all. So care must be taken to push the cream gently to the centre
  • Badam powder is totally optional. You can skip if you do not want to add them or you do not have them.



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