Gajar halwa/ carrot halwa/ Gajrela

Did you know Gajar Ka Halwa was first introduced by Mughals?? And the word “Halwa” is an Arabic word meaning “sweet”. Surprising isn’t it ?? I always thought it was first introduced by Indians but wiki changed it 🙂 

Gajar halwa is a very popular sweet served in most of the parties and functions as a dessert. These are also known as Gajrela in Punjab. Traditionally they are made using carrots dipped in milk and sugar by occasionally stirring at regular intervals. The nuts which are used to garnish are first fried in ghee and are set aside. At the final stage it’s put on the halwa and garnished 

But nowadays we all are so busy with our lives that we don’t like to spend too much time cooking. Especially a working lady. So this recipe is again dedicated to the ones who want to finish this dessert in a time slot less than the ones done with traditional method. But the taste of the traditional method is heavenly. Though it’s time consuming I feel it’s the best.

In the below recipe I have used condensed milk/milkmaid.

Measuring- 1cup =250 gms 


Carrots – 1.3kgs (grated and approximately 8cups tightly packed)

Ghee – 2tbsp

Condensed milk – 1tin (400)

Dry fruits – chopped


  • First in a heavy bottom pan/Kadhai, add ghee
  • Add grated carrots to this and  sauté 
  • Sauté at regular intervals or till carrots are tender 
  • Add condensed milk and mix well 
  • Continue cooking till the carrots absorb all the condensed milk (not too dry)
  • Add chopped nuts and kishmish to this and mix well
  • Gajrela is ready to serve

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