Ragi mudde/ ragi balls/finger millet balls

Ragi is very soothing to stomach and also a very healthy. Because of its nutritional value, ragi can be placed at the pinnacle of food grains. The cereal is gluten free and highly suitable for those who are gluten or lactose intolerant.Besides this we can add ragi in our daily diet in form of chapathi, buttermilk or porridge. If you find it dense you can add in rice flour or wheat flour to this. Despite knowing so many good things about ragi, we do not add them in our everyday diet. Why??? Trust me! Rather than only living on starchy foods we can add ragi in our diet which also helps to prevent diabetes, prevent aging of skin, weightloss and many more. My kids started with ragi porridge as their first solid food at the age of 6months.

Ragi mudde or ragi balls is very famous in Karnataka and is abundantly grown. I hail from Karnataka. I had many friends and neighbours whose lunch meal at home would be ragi mudde with Bassaru or massaru. As a child I loved it when I had it the first time and my mother in no time took the recipe from our neighbour and she would prepare it for me quite often. As ragi is bland in taste, the curry with which ragi mudde is served should be spicy enough to balance the taste.

This is usually served with koli saaru or chicken curry. You can also refer posts on hassan chicken curry, Kori curry. These are types of chicken curry which go good with ragi balls šŸ™‚


Ragi flour – 1cup

2tbsp – rice flour

Water – 1cup

Salt to taste


  • In a non stick pan, add 1 cup water and salt. Bring this toĀ boil.
  • Meanwhile in a bowl mix ragi flour and rice flour. Add little water to this and whisk it till there are no lumps.
  • Now add this slurry to the boiling water carefully stirring it with the other hand using a spatula or silicon whisk. Else you might end up having lumps.
  • Now close the lid and let it cook for few minutes.
  • Stir in between and when done the ragi no more sticks to the bottom of pan which indicates that its cooked
  • Set aside for few minutesĀ 
  • Apply ghee to your palm and make ragi ballsĀ 
  • Place it in a container and close the lid toll you serve Ā 
  • Exposing it to the atmosphere without covering makes it dry

The below given pic is of ragi mudde served with massaru. This ragi balls can also served withĀ kori gassi





  • You can use a soup bowl to make the ragi balls if your hands cannot tolerate the heat. Grease the soup bowl with ghee, add one small portion of prepared ragi into this and in circular motion using a bowl keep shaping up the ragi balls till they are round . See, you can make these balls without touching them šŸ˜›
  • If you can handle the dense texture of ragi no need to add rice flour. Adding rice flour only makes them little soft which my family prefers.

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