Phirni with nutty caramel flower.

We all know by now, how a phirni is made from my recent post. Now we will give a small twist to this. How about presenting it with a caramel flower. Break the caramel flower and eat it along with the phirni. Interesting isn’t it? I ‘ll write down how to make caramel flower for you to present them with the phirni.


Sugar – 1/2 cup

Water – 1tbsp

Mix nuts – finely chopped.

Khus khus/poppy seeds – 1tsp


In a saucepan, take sugar and water. And constantly stir till the sugar melts and starts to caramelize. When sugar turns a shade next to light brown add chopped nuts, poppy seeds and spread it on a baking sheet and with a desired cookie cutter cut the caramel spread on the sheet (i selected a flower cookie cutter so its a caramel flower)This is important step and should be done quickly. Caramelized sugar when spread on sheet turn hard in no time. Depending on the desired thinness or thickness your ratio of sugar and water will vary. The thinner you want the more you would add water. This process of caramelization is known as wet caramelization which we home cooks often use to avoid burning the sugar.


  • Be very careful when you caramelize the sugar. As soon as sugar colour changes to Brown switch off the stove and add nuts else chances of burning the sugar is very high which in turn gives bitter taste to the caramel flower.

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