Gulab jamoon with khoya(maava) 

Ever wondered why do we call gulab jamoon as GULAB-JAMOON ??? If we directly translate it to english  it is ROSE-BERRY … Absolutely not appealing isn’t it ??? Now let me explain you this term… everyone knows that gulab jamoon is a dessert made using sugar syrup. Yes! The sugar syrup which we use has a rose flavour…. and hence it’s “gulab” and jamoon is a type of berry found in India which is deep purple in colour and is oblong in shape. Now the paneer-khova dough which we fry and dip in the sugar syrup is the same shape  hence the name “jamoon”. So it basically means, the dessert looks like the jamoon dipped in the rose syrup 😉 So, both put together is gulab jamoon.

Back home, mom makes the gulab jamoons in oblong shape. But I prefer the round ones 🙂 you can make with whatever shape you like 😉

I have been a victim of sweet-tooth from almost a decade and I make this dessert quite often to fulfil my dessert cravings after each meal 🙂 So you can vouch on me as this recipe never failed me 😉


For jamoon-

Khoya/mawa  (evaporated milk) – 200gms

Paneer/cottage cheese – 150gms (grated)

All purpose flour/Maida – 2tbsp

Semolina (fine) – 1tbsp

Baking powder – 1/4tsp

Milk – 2tbsp

Powdered sugar – 2tsp

Pinch of salt

Cardamom powder – 1tsp

Oil +ghee for frying

For sugar syrup

Sugar – 300gms

Water – 300ml

Rose essence – 2tsp

Rose water – 1tbsp

Cardamom powder – a pinch

Milk – 1tbsp (When you make sugar syrup add a tbsp of milk. If the sugar has any impurities it floats on the top layer (scum) you can later remove it with the help of a spoon)


To make sugar syrup

  • Combine water and sugar in a wide pan. Add milk.Bring this to boil (not for long, you might end up crystalizing the sugar syrup) If scum forms, you can take it out with the help of a spoon.
  • Add rose essence, rose water and a pinch of cardamom powder.
  • Switch off the gas and cover this syrup.

To make the jamoons

  1. Take a clean dry bowl, add soft khova, cardamom powder,paneer, 2tsp powdered sugar and a pinch of salt (very little). Mix both of them together till well combined.
  2. Add 2tbsp of milk, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2tbsp Maida and a tbsp of semolina. Continue mixing and knead this gently. Not too hard, else the jamoons don’t fluff
  3. Grease this dough. Keep this aside covered for five minutes.
  4. Now apply ghee to your palm and make small balls. Fry this in oil +ghee till golden brown.
  5. Directly put this in the sugar syrup and let this stay for minimum half an hour. Let the khova balls absorb enough syrup in them and once it cools down, you can refrigerate this for a week to ten days.


  • You can also add few saffron strands to the sugar syrup.
  • Once you add baking powder to the khova dough, do not rest this for more than five ten minutes.
  • If you have freshly made home made paneer , make sure you discard all the water from it. Best would be to hang this in a muslin cloth to drain the excess water for 20mins.

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