Strawberry pudding

A strawberry pudding is my all time favorite. This one is a 100% vegetarian pudding. I haven’t used gelatin but used agar agar for the pudding to set.


Strawberry – 1cup(chopped)

Castor sugar – 2tbsp

Condensed milk – 200ml

Milk – 400ml

Agar agar – 10gms


  1. In a bowl add condensed milk and milk. Bring this to boil stirring it continuously.
  2. Simultaneously in another pan add strawberries and caster sugar. Cook the strawberries for ten minutes on med flame.
  3. Now mix the agar agar with 1 cup water and heat this mixture till agar agar dissolves.
  4. Now wait for all the three ingredients to cool down.
  5. When all three are at low temperature (almost same temperature) mix the strawberries and agar agar into the milk mix gently and combine.
  6. Now pour this into a glass dish and set this in the refrigerator for minimum 1hour. 

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