Banana flower stir fry/Bondi kirphool

Having a banana plant in your backyard is the best thing anybody can have. All the parts of a banana plant can be used. We all eat banana as a fruit.You can also make many delicacies with the raw banana and banana stem. In many of the south Indian weddings banana leaves are used as a platter for lunch and dinner. Now this banana flower is also used to make side dishes.One such is Bondi kirphool which goes well with  dalitoy and rice.


Bondi/ banana flower – 3 (grated)

Garlic – 5-6cloves (chopped)

Red chillies – 5

Coconut oil – 4tbsp

Salt to taste 


  • In a deep pan add coconut oil. Once it’s hot add garlic and red chillies 
  • Saute for a minute or two. now add the grated banana flower to this and stir fry this till the oil separates. Add salt to this.This might take a while. approximately 20-25mins onlow flame.
  • Serve it with dalitoy n rice. 


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