Phulkas/Perfect phulka chapathi

We always crave for those phulkas which are very light and soft. But the kneading or the mixing goes wrong and the phulkas might not fluff when you make them. Here I try my best to pen down what I follow in my kitchen to get the perfect phulkas which never let me down. This is the same process I follow and its the same result I get each time.


Whole  wheat flour – 1cup

Water -1/4cup or a little more approximately 

Salt to taste

Ghee – 1tsp


  • In a large bowl, seive the whole wheat flour twice.
  • To this add salt to taste and dry mix till well combined.
  • Now add HOT  water to this little by little and mix till you get a firm but soft dough.
  • Rub a tsp of ghee on your palm and knead the dough for extra 5 minutes. Kneading the dough makes a lot difference and plays a very important rolein fluffing the phulkas.
  • Now cover the mixing bowl with a plate and set it aside for 5-10mins.
  • Roll out the phulkas and roast them on the tawa. With the help of a muslin cloth pat one side of the chapathi and next place the other side on the gas flame. Carefully take it out using a tong. 


  1. Using hot water is an important step.Add water little by little and not once at a time. This helps in getting the right texture of the dough.
  2. Setting the dough aside closed gives it time absorb all the moisture content and give us very light phulkas.
  3. Knead the dough for a minimum of five minutes.
  4. Phulkas should never be big in size. The size should not increase 5-6″ diameter.


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