Strawberry shotcake / No bake strawberry cheesecake / Eggless strawberry cheesecake

I have always loved strawberries!!!! And when I find them here in the supermarkets I just grab them to try different desserts n sauce. I love to eat them fresh too… They are delicious and I love the tangy taste which tickles my taste buds…

Strawberry is a fruit, which gets spoilt easily in few days after they are plucked. There is a technique which my sister in law  shared with me which can store the strawberries upto  10-15 days without letting then spoil.When you buy strawberries make sure you wash them thoroughly in water and let them dry on a muslin cloth. once they are dry, pluck the leaves from the strawberries and in an airtight container place a tissue paper. Now place the strawberries inside the box and cover it with another tissue paper and close the lid tight. This keeps your strawberries fresh and lasts long. oh yes!!! Do not forget to refrigerate 🙂

Shotcake is a cheesecake in a shot glass. As simple as that 🙂 The procedure remains the same as in a cheesecake with little to no much alteration other than presenting them in a shot glass.

The recipe is as below :


Cream cheese – 100gms

Caster sugar or powdered sugar – 100gms

Vanilla essence – 1/4 tsp

Melted butter – 30ml

Heavy whipping cream – 1 cup (250gms)

Fresh cut strawberries -1cup

Fresh cut strawberry -1/4 cup (muddled)

Fresh strawberry – for garnish

Nutrichoice arrowroot biscuits – 12
Method :

  • Whip the cream on high speed for few mins or till you get hard peaks. place it in the refrigerator till needed.
  • Now in a mixer grinder, powder the biscuits and place it in a bowl.
  • Add melted butter to it and mix it till you get a sandlike mixture
  • Layer shot glasses with this mixture and dab it with your finger so that it settles tight.Place this in the refrigerator til the next step.
  • Now in a clean dry bowl, blend the cream cheese and caster sugar till well combined. Add vanilla essence to this and blend further.
  • Carefully fold in this mixture with the whipped cream which was in the refrigerator by cut and fold technique.
  • Add the fresh cut strawberries and the muddled strawberries to this and gently fold keeping in mind not to flatten the batter.
  • Now pour this mix into the prepared shot glasses and garnish it with strawberries however you like.
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 4hours or upto 10hours so that the cheesecake sets.


  • You can use any biscuits of your choice as a base layer. But keep in mind that the biscuit flavour should go well with the strawberry cheesecakes. For example, a chocolate biscuit base for this cheesecake doesn’t give yummylicious taste. So suit accordingly 🙂
  • Cream cheese should be at room temperature to blend well with the sugar.
  • Try to set the cheesecake over night for best results.
  • In the ingredients pic I have kept granulated sugar which i powdered it befire using. If you use granulated sugar doesn’t blend in with the Cream cheese and you might goof up with the entire process.

Stay tuned !!! Stay blessed !!!

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